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Bill Wayne
Abbey Ridge Vineyard

Doug Tunnell
Brick House Wine Company

John Paul
Cameron Winery

David Lett
The Eyrie Vineyards

David Autrey and Amy Wesselman
Westrey Wine Company

Domaine Drouhin Oregon
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Amy Wesselman and David Autrey David Autrey & Amy Wesselman
Westrey Wine Company

David and Amy founded their wine enterprise in 1993, but it wasn't until a few years later that they actually had a winery they could call their own. Their winemaking philosophy of minimal intervention calls for traditional teqhniques such as small, indigenous yeast fermentation, hand punch downs and limited use of new oak.

In 2001, David and Amy planted 10,000 Pinot Noir vines on a newly acquired 50-acre parcel of land in the Dundee Hills, which they've named Oracle. It's quite a difference from their winery setting in industrial McMinnville, something they joke about in their infrequent Open House invitations:

"Immerse yourself in the post-industrial vistas of McMinnville's winery ghetto as you bask in the splendor of the faux-chateaux, nestled amid a panorama of abandoned Winnebagos framed by cyclone fence topped with barbed wire and highlighted by a 50-foot cellular tower."