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Domaine Drouhin Oregon
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Bill Wayne Domaine Drouhin Oregon

Established in 1988 by Robert Drouhin, head of the famous negotiant Joseph Drouhin in France's Burgundy region, Domaine Drouhin Oregon was started specifically to produce Pinot Noir and a little Chardonnay. The DDO (as it is most often called in Oregon) estate is comprised of 225 acres, 90 of it in vines. These are planted on a high-density Burgundian template, which encourges greater plant competition in order to produce less fruit per plant with resulting concentration in the vines. The building is an 8-story facility built into a hillside. It has 4 working levels that move both fruit and wine by gravity. DDO has the capacity to product 15,000 cases in this building, current production about 12,000.