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Cameron Winery

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John Paul John Paul
Cameron Winery

John Paul wasn't actually born a winemaker, though optimistic tourists have assumed as much from the lions toasting on his ersatz family crest. As he neared the end of a post-doc in Marine Biology at Berkeley in the middle 70's, Paul discovered two things: that universities weren't exactly lining up to give him a job; and second, the noble grape. Wine, or plankton? The choice was clear.

After short stints in the wine business, including four years as assistant winemaker at Carneros Creek, a prestigious Pinot Noir producer in southern Napa Valley, Paul took the lessons he'd learned and put them to work in Oregon. In 1984, he bought some land, quickly planted vines, and started a winery named after his Scottish clan (though unfortunately he stopped short of their motto, "Sons of hounds, come eat flesh!").

Over the next eleven years, Cameron gradually grew from 800 to 4000 cases a year, and that's where Paul wants to stay. He produces a non-vintage, regular vintage, and two vineyard designated wines of both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, as well as a small amount of Pinot Blanc. In the future, he's looking into producing an Italian varietal wine, such as the famous Nebbiolo from Piedmont.

To learn more about Cameron, visit the winery's website at, or for more information about this and other Oregon wineries, be sure to visit the comprehensive Oregon Wine Board site.