Life in Vine - A Year in the VineyardsI think it's bigger than what any one person does
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The Crew Behind the Documentary and the Website
Behind Life in Vine
Matt Giraud:
Producer, director, camera, editor

Ben Wilborn:
Musical Score, composition and performance

Robert Kowal:
Principal Sound

Additional Credits

Website Development
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Additional Credits

Additional Camera
George Wehn
Chris Schramm
Kevin Fletcher
Matt Halperin
Lars Larson

Additional Sound
Matt Halperin
Chris Schramm
Elaine Pierce
Edwin Gerow
Rachel Howarth

Camron Crouse
Downstream Digital

Art Direction
Elaine Pierce

Macro stills
Matt Halperin

Time lapse stills
Bill Wayne

Helicopter Pilot
Matt Halperin

Editorial Assistant
Melissa Akstin

Music Engineer
Byron Walker

Special thanks to:
Bill Hatcher
Michael Corrigan
Chris Schramm
Matt Halperin
Rob Kowal
Cindy Knowles
Tom Doggett
Jonanthan Siegel
Adam Simon
Steve Radford
Corky DeValt
Lipton Ellener
Shawn Gerspach
Russ Gorby

Downstream Digital
Grapheon Design
The Bicycle Transportation Aliance
Northwest Film Center

Oregon Public Broadcasting

and especially
Elaine Pierce