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Grapvines are Grown Around the World
Where the Vines Are
Grapes have been grown around the world for thousands of years. Here are a series of maps which take you closer and closer to the tiny corners of the earth where Life in Vine takes place. While every region has its own grape varieties and personality, they all share some commonalities where climate is concerned.

Obviously, these maps are not meant to help you precisely site your own vineyard. While they're generally accurate, they paint the larger picture of life in vine with the broadest of strokes. For more detail than you ever thought possible, try Hugh Johnson's excellent World Atlas of Wine.
At last, the northern end of the Willamette Valley, home to the growers and winemakers featured in Life in Vine. First planted more than 30 years ago, the Red Hills of Dundee are the epicenter of the Oregon wine industry. And aptly named: the iron-infused clay soil is a deep brick red, and it doesn't let go of your boots when it's wet. A little to the north, Brick House vineyard lies perched below the Chehalem Mountains. <-- Back
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